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Koch Membrane Systems

We are a representative of american ultrafiltration membranes producer - Koch Separation solutions for the Central Europe region. Beside standard spiral-wounded membranes we offer submersible low pressure (better to say vacuum) systems. The membranes are jointed in their head only (single head) and therefore they are continuously washed by the water, which removes the suspended solids. Further, the solids are removed by low-pressurized air. 

This system is an ideal solution for water with high amounts of TSS and clarification is no morre necessary. There may be an in-line coagulation in some cases.

These membranes are suitable for raw water treatment (TSS up to 15 g/l) and in MBR waste water plant as well. In the second process the activated sludge concentration may be up to 10 g/l so the process is fast and vessels are small.

For more information please contact https://www.kochseparation.com/.




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