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Our company has developed a design software focused on calculating parameters of chemical engineering components.


  • Creates reports of calculation (to thicken your reports)
  • Includes project saving/loading
  • Direct printing
  • Database of properties of water, filters, filtering media
  • User customable databases


  • Calculation of cylindrical vessels
    • Including PP wall thickness according to standard
  • Calculation of pressure sand filters
    • Size
    • Cycle duration
    • Flowrates and consumption of backwashing water and air
  • Pipe head loss
    • Local losses included
    • Centrifugal pump power consumption
  • Head loss on porous bed by single phase liquid
  • Simple clarifier
  • Settling of particle
  • Biological waste water treatment plant
  • Static mixers

System Requirements

  • Windows 7,8,10
  • .NET 4 
  • Internet Explorer

The user interface is in English and Czech and the program contains also a help file, where is described UI and theoretical basics of the calculation. There are several screenshots under the download link.


Since version from 12/20/18 a database updating code has been implemented. As the piping database (piping.xml) has been inproperly defined, this file is rewrited automatically till the next version.


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